SLugTerra club!


So here is a list of the 10 members below that want to be in the club of slugterra.
1 SlugTerraDan Mech
2 Stick88 Mech
3 MYD Mech
There will be three ranks Slug, beast, and mech first five get mech


If u want to join feel free



Welcome to the forum!


I'm not that new I'm just Danthedalek


Yay slugterra! (Never saw the show since my last vacation) Can I join if it is hopscotch related?


Surely u can help make slug Terra on hs


Well I ran out of time (for SlugTerraDan) but I can use my original acount


Tell me if u want to join and I'll add u in in 8 hours


What do you do?? I might want to join! Also welcome to forum
So what should I do to join, what do you do in the club??


Collab slugterra book
Idea the coders get dropped into slugterra and they have to code their way around :smiley:


Oh my backup is out of reply but if u want I can help SLugTerraDan is me :smiley:






Time for second episode :smiley:



lonely topic lol lol lol