Slow Hopscotch Speed?



Is anyone else experiencing slow hopscotch loading? I'm working on the aptitude test, and it takes a really long time if I move a block in the editing page from one area to another, and if I go into another rule, it takes a long time to load.

Is this happening to everyone, or is this just because of slow wifi?

@Liza @Ian


It doesnt happen to me i dont think.


It's happening to me while coding even the most basic projects. I'm assuming it's not my WiFi, but I can probably live with it.


It has been happing to me. My Wifi is fine, at least when other people are not on the internet and using up wifi. :wink:


When there's large amounts of code, opening abilities and rules take like a few seconds to load.

Plus sometimes I experience the opposite with small amounts of code, there seems to be no transition, it just quickly poofs from one page to the next. But a simple restart will solve this.


I did restart my iPad, though I just got back. Thanks for the advice!


Try turning on airplane mode, and turn off wifi when working on drafts. It reduces lag, and battery power!


Yes, a bunch! I suggest that you restart the app or your iPad and br patient while it happens. :wink:


Forum lag much? Not crashing and burning, but still pretty frustrating


Yeah. It annoys me when working on The Aptitude Test. But I'm dealing with it :wink:


Once upon a time, I was writing a long, long paragraph on the forum. I decided to take a break, and checked my notifications (I usually get a bunch)
Evry singl tiem

it crashes

Then I have to REOPEN the whole web browser, LOG IN, and at that moment I lose my train of thought.


It might be because of your wifi. On the car with a hotspot, I could barely load anything, but at home, it seems to be working well.


I'm not in the car this time :wink:


It happens to me all the time. In my draw pads it happens when I try HSB. It's so frustrating!


Yea, I'm working on a huge project and the lag is surreal.


It doesn't happen to me, but for some reason my friends iPad (which is exactly the same as mine) is super slow just on Hopscotch so she hates going on there now! The only way she can play normal for about 5 minutes is if she shuts the whole thing down! And it takes forever!


That always happens to me. It's not that the wifi is slow cuz hopscotch is the only app affected.