Slow glitchy forum


The forum is so slow! When I tap a topic, it sometimes doesn't take me there, and I have to go to the previous page and tap it again. And the glitchy typing sometimes happens too. Please fix this!


I bet they are updating it with something big.


Really? The forum seems normal to me. What device are you on?


The forum is fine for me. Sometimes it will load slowly, but mostly it is fine.


iPad, but I don't use the mobile version. It works fine without the mobile version, and we aren't used to the mobile version.


What do you mean the mobile version? I'm in the iPad too right now.


This–please wait, going to edit.
Is the non-mobile version.

This is the mobile view.


Really? Everything is smooth as ever on the forum for me


Mine was kinda glitchy. It would freeze when I would try to like something. I had to restart it 2 times.