Sloth Competition! 🦥 #SlothExistsOnHopscotch #StopIngoringSloth

(This is a spin-off of @Fundardo’s toucan competition)

Hey there, folks!

As @Grizzlygoat1 said recently, people have stopped caring about Sloth.

The lack of sloths has become a big problem for the Hopscotch community, and we can no longer bear it. We need you to enter this contest and make a project about Sloth so we can raise awareness and make Sloth more used and cared about.


  • Your project must contain Sloth
  • Any type of code is allowed (unless it is used to break the community guidelines on either Hopscotch or the forum)
  • Be nice to other users
  • Projects must be coded. An art project will not be considered.
  • Do not sabotage the contest
  • No inappropriate content
  • Do not steal someone else’s idea
  • Coding with any platform other than Hopscotch is not allowed

If you violate these rules, you will be disqualified from the competition.

Judging system

Judges will be selected after the application periods close. The selected judges will have to judge based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Originality
  • Smoothness
  • Theme adherence

All of these aspects will be worth 10 points each.

Participants can only submit one entry for the contest, but resubmissions are allowed. They can also submit for people who aren’t on the forum but have chosen to tag along on Hopscotch. However, participants will only be allowed to submit one project per off-of-forum user. The off-of-forum user projects will be judged too.

Coconut Points

Coconut points are a bonus points system that will be used for this contents. You can earn them by participating in bonus challenges.

Bonus challenges:

  • Put a sloth on your forum PFP: 5 coconut points
  • Put a sloth in your DHT portfolio: 1 coconut point per image with a sloth in it
  • Putting #SlothExistsOnHopscotch, #SlothTeam, #StopIgnoringSloth, or #SlothGang in your Hopscotch username: 5 coconut points
  • Submitting for an off-of-forum user: 10 coconut points per off-of-forum user
  • Putting at least five sloths in your project: 15 coconut points (20 coconut points if you add at least ten sloths)


Official prizes
1st place 🥇
  • 1st place community comp badge from Ana
  • Spämlikes on the forum and app from CocoaViola
  • Follow on the app from CocoaViola
  • A request of any kind from CocoaViola
2nd place 🥈
  • 2nd place community comp badge from Ana
  • Spåmlikes on the forum from CocoaViola
  • Follow on the app from CocoaViola
  • Request of any kind from CocoaViola
3rd place 🥉
  • 3rd place community comp badge from Ana
  • Spāmlikes on the app from CocoaViola
  • Follow on the app from CocoaViola
4th place 🏅
  • Community comp participation badge from Ana
  • Spãmlikes on the app from CocoaViola
  • Follow on the app from CocoaViola
5th place 🎖
  • Community comp participation badge from Ana
  • Follow on the app from CocoaViola
Out-of-forum users

Out-of-forum users will not earn prizes specific to their places, but they will earn:

  • Follow from CocoaViola
  • Project thanking you for participating in the competition

Anyone who went below 5th place will just get a community comp participation badge from Ana.

Coconut points prizes
  • Request for CocoaViola’s DHT portfolio (with at least 5 coconut points)
  • Builder request for CocoaViola (with at least 10 coconut points
  • Surprise project from CocoaViola (with at least 13 coconut points)
  • One like on 50 of your projects from CocoaViola (with at least 25 coconut points)
  • Game request from CocoaViola (with at least 30 coconut points)
Community prizes
1st place 🥇
2nd place 🥈
3rd place 🥉
4th place 🏅
5th place 🎖
Out-of-forum users

Note: These prizes will be given to every out-of-forum user that participates, as they will not be rewarded with prizes specific to certain places.


Application periods:


Participation periods:


Have fun!

@omtl @pomtl



If you want i can tag omtl and pomtl




@pomtl please see this


Same with @omtl


Application polls:

Use this poll if you want to participate.

  • I want to join
  • Accidentally voted

0 voters

Use this poll if you want to judge.

  • I will judge based on what is listed for the comp
  • I will not try to give myself first place if I participate
  • I will be nice when judging
  • I will contact the host when I no longer want to judge
  • I will review each project carefully

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Sounds cool, I wanna join :)


Can I join as a judge please?


Sure! You just have to vote in the application poll.


Did you ask Ana?


They can be given for any community competition.

I just have to tag her at then end.

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I like toucan Moore, but sloths are nice to

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HEYYYY. I came up with this idea when toucan exists. By the way can I be a judge. I signed out the form

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Cocoa_Viola will pick them, but I’m sure she’ll consider you (:

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I want to join! Maybe

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then vote in the poll


My favorite is anteater
But sloths kewl 2


Whoops, didn’t know.


I can’t join but
Which character do you think is going to have a competition next?


Time will tell

Maybe Mandrill or Crocodile?