Slime Dodge Time Run Music Needed



Hello, guys @swca here,
Anyone up to making music for the new slime dodge?
Credit Will Be Given.
Also, When Should It Be Released?
Reply With Your Ideas, And If You Want To Help


I will make music!
Also congrats on your featured!
Wanna do a collab sometime?


DEFINITLY!!! i luv your coding so much!!!


Thanks, it’s kind of you to say that: )
What kind of music do you want?


um i want music, thats like suspense, but it makes you feel rushed if you know what i mean :confused:


Yeah, totally!
I’ll get started!


ty :slight_smile: i rlly appricate it


I could also make u music…what kind of music do you need?


Could You and CoM make the music togethEr? just a thought cus ya both great coders


I’m almost done
But I can delete the draft if ya want


dont delete the draft!!! when ya finished publish it plz and then TDO could add to it if they want to!


Here you go!

  1. Do you have a Hs crush on CTS?
  2. You and Tv’s Ocs are similar. You saw the project when Tv told you about it?
    You’re quite popular so double checking :wink:


Thank you,

  1. maybe…
  2. i do know she gave me permission when i asked, and no im not popular


No problem!

  1. I’m Ace, so Idk about stuff.
    We are really good friends(lol we call each other bestie, so best friends? Not trying to brag) So, If you want like, me to tell her I can.
    With past experiences with friends, you prob don’t lol


there’s @GweTV that has some experience as well


i think cts already knows lol


Hello…you never specified what music you wanted.


Yeah no offense but she does lol


you know that swca is NinjaBearGames/supremelywellcodedartist on hopscotch, rite?