Slight changes with schedule


Ok, I know I said that I would be more active when school starts, but that might not happen. I'll probably be slightly more active, but I don't know if I'll be on as much as I used to.

  • I got into honors language arts
  • I'm in 9th grade science
  • I'm in 8th grade math
  • I got onto the competition dance team again
  • I'm (hopefully) doing a competition ballet solo
  • all in all, I'm probably going to do 7 and a half hours of dance a week.
  • I might be doing ski team
  • Im doing my school golf team

So pretty much, I'm busy. XD


Wow, you are busy! I totally understand!


Yeah, I'm going to be busy this school year. XD

Thanks! :smile:


Woah, congrats! :00 I'm in 8th grade math also XD

You must be really really smart :DD

And you must be really really busy D:

Good luck, and I hope everything goes well, senpai! :D


I don't think I'm that smart, honestly. :P
I am really busy though lol


Ok, thx for letting us know

That means you can't meet up after school as often ;-;


True ;-;
I'll hopefully find time


I ran out o likes ._.


I clearly haven't lol


I'm sorry to hear you won't be so active!!!! School makes everyone really busy, I completely understand :)
Congratulations on those classes! That's amazing!!! You're super smart :D

and do you play golf??!?!?
That's awesome that you're going to be on the golf team!!! :D
We can be buddies XD :DDDD

Good luck with all those activities! Nice job Dudey :D


Are you kidding me senpai you're totally smart :0

Also @Bananadog me playing golf:

holds club the right way for once in my life

legit poses

squints eyes at hole

let's do this

hits golf ball

golf ball lands in lake

Oh ok you wanna be that way golf ball ok I see ಠ_ಠ


Yeah, I've been playing golf since I was little. And Yeah! We're buddies!

@Maltese that's still me. XD


Good luck with school and dance!!

My toenails have been rotting and falling off from pointe. ;-;

Clearly, if golf is a sport, then dance should be too.


That's so cool! I've only been playing a couple years :D
I'm literally at a golfing range rn XD :D


Yes, I completely agree!!!! XD :D
"Golf isn't a sport"
YEAH well try walking 5 miles in thick grass pushing a 40 lb cart and dying pls thx
I think dance is a sport tho :D


And I totally feel you. Mine haven't rotten, but they've cracked and fallen off. ;-;


My toenails range from dark red to yellow.


Wow... 0o0

I understand completely! :D


I've had some time for mine to heal, I grew out of mine and got some new ones last week. I haven't been in them though, I'm on vacation. XD


But how


I'm going into 7th grade, and those are advanced classes at my school