SkydivingWalnut Drawing Requests! (Inspired by XiaoMiaoMi2)



Hi! To request, reply to this topic and tag me (like this: @SkydivingWalnut) Yeah, I know you probably know that, but, just in case. Tell me what you want me to draw (I.e. Logos, profile pics, portraits) and describe what I'm drawing.


Ooh! I would like a brown squirrel with an acorn! No background needed.


Can you draw a chibi animal (or normal animal any animal) please @SkydivingWalnut


I'd like you to draw me a walnut sky diving @SkydivingWalnut


List of Requests

@FuzzyFuzzBear your request is first
-skydiving walnut

@Gilbert189 is next
-squirrel with acorn

@RubyWolf1 is after
-chibi animal




Oops, I totally forgot about these. I'll try to finish ASAP