Skyarmygenral's general topic/ Q+A/ chat room

So many people make general topics and I would like to make one. This is a chat room and some questions and some answers.




How did you find out about forum????



On hopscotch a lot of people were telling the website so I went on and now I'm here.

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Hello Sky!

I @FreshGuppy, I can't believe I got another feature.

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No one will ever reply to anything I post.

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Sorry, I will be on at 3:10 minnesota time pm

Anyone on?

@FreshGuppy I'm on but I might not be on for long because I'm in school.

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Okay, how long until you are out?

Well school is already out for me. I'm just in after care.

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Okay, I am on every day at this time because this is right when I g t home from school

I still can't believe I got on featured because it was so laggy.

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It was still a good game!

Yeah I know. I am working with @ThinBuffalo to make it smooth so it can be the best game ever.

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gtg I am leaving.......

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Yer in mah new project @Skyarmygenral

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