Sky High Studios



I'm making a club that makes movies. To join you have to have at least one project made by yourself / in a collab. You also have to be nice and able to work with other people!🤗🤗


can I join? (20 characters)


May I join? Movies are fun to make! :smile:


Of course you can join @Rawrbear and @GiraffeProductions!!


Yay! I ran out of likes, so here :heart:


Try to get on the account soon


I signed in. (20 characters)


Cool, thanks! :smile:



Could I join @Puppies?


SURE!!! :joy: :joy: Of course you can join!!


Thx so much @Puppies! Want to be Hopscotch friends? I am very kind!


Yeah, I would love that! :smiley: But, I'm not allowed on my iPad right now because of school. :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:


I fixed up Space Spies a little bit!


That's great @Rawrbear!


Actually, a lot. I'm ready for a second scene! :smile:


Is this collab quit or abandoned?


I know, right?!

I quit this club already though. :yum:


No, it's not @Stampys_fans.


Why, would you like to join


Just because you aren't doing anything anymore