Skin color?(help)



Can I have help so I can make a skin color?


Use a converter from HSL to HSB or HSV


Check some codes on PopPad


@friendship2468 ummmmmmmm


You can see the HSB codes for these colors.

The free app i used is called colormix.


@Stradyvarious how is that in HSB? Just someone, give me the HSB for a skin already!!!


@Hoppertoscotch, the HSB's are:
1: HSB(41.65, 50.86, 90.84)
2. HSB(27.42, 41.24, 89.18)
3. HSB(35.05, 41.58, 100)
Copy and paste it. I put it in order of the pictures that @Stradyvarious.


Like @Stradyvarious said, colormix is very helpful


Look at the top left of the pics. See the H S B
Look at the top right, see the numbers for the H S B
Pretty easy to understand.


the hsb for the skin colour i use is 35,45,97


Some of my most used HSB is (HSB 30,30,100)
You can surf the web for more.
Me and @Kiwicute2016 use Paper53 to get HSBs.
@t1_hopscotch and Toaster Rebellion made an HSB Color picker.
You can experiment colours.
You can copy colours form draw pads if they're FTU but you have to give credits.
Hope this helps @Hoppertoscotch
Edit: I just saw that this is 9 months ago. EllexD