Skill tab: discussion and completed skills!


Hi guys!

This topic is solely to discuss the new skill tab and skills, and tell us which ones you've completed!

Basically, anything about the skill tab in hopscotch can go here.


Am I missing something? I only have 3..


Subscribers to Hopscotch get more skills. Also, you need to update the app first to get the new ones


I finished all of the free skills in like three minutes...

Does the length of each tutorial (like 3m, 4m, 5m) show how long it will take to finish it?


To be honest, they are okay, and I hope they get more challenging.


Im subscribed, so I got the new ones. I really hope they get more challenging, but they're cool!


Only one new one for the freezers and fridges. :slight_frown:


I absolutely love the skills!! They are so easy to follow and understand. I really like how they are interactive, because some kids learn better that way (I've noticed that some Hopscotchers have a tough time understanding the video tutorials). The explanations are brief and simple but are still super helpful. I am sure many Hopscotchers will learn from the new skills and will hopefully be able to expand on them. :smiley: I'm so excited about these skills and am looking forward to some new skills in the future.

Yes, @KVJ, I've experienced that too, although after a few seconds my device goes back to normal. I thought it was because of my old iPad Mini, but maybe it isn't. What device were you using? :thinking:


I got this... I can only do one....


OH. I thought you meant you're iPad was freezing or something. @KVJ xD Sorry for the misunderstanding! Yeah, I'm kind of sad about that, but at least non subscribers can try out the first few. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah I guess. ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯


Are you subscribed?


Nope. I'm a fridge :sunglasses:


@Intellection74 they should make a pixel art one xD