Size publishing glitch? Not showing whole image


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I was remixing a project of mine, and the whole screen of the project wouldn’t fit inside the thumbnail.

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Opened a project

  2. Hit remix

  3. Attempted to zoom out the image but it still wouldn’t show the whole project


I expected this to happen:

The entire screen to show in the thumbnail

But instead this happened:

Some of the screen got cut off

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

This is how it appeared when I went to remix it.

This is the full actual screen you should see in the thumbnail


The same just happened to me. It seens that this is a “global” issue for all Hopscotchers…


I got this too


It happens to me as well.


I’ve noticed this as well.

@awesomeonion @Liza See OP


I’m not sure if this supposed to happen or not, but I was told by Etheral Lilac (I think) on the app to tilt your IPad or Phone instead, and it works. This is an annoyance to handle if I forget to though.


ghost​:ghost::ghost: wrote to us about this bug, we have a fix coming out probably Monday.


Cool! Thanks for telling us. wait, so this was a bug?



It seems like it may have been caused by them making the thumbnails for drafts a square, but I could be wrong.


This is fixed in the latest release. Gonna close this topic now!