Sitting In A Corner And Thinking About My Life


I am actually sitting in a corner. I am thinking about how that what Hopscotch has done to me. Many very very good thing and many bad things.

Introduced me to coding
Got me into learning to code
Got me to learn advanced math that is learned in High School
I have gotten on the track of a good life


I have a bad habbit of going on the internet every sing day
I cannot stand to not look at these forums
I can't stay focused on my life
I can't do my Homework on the computer without going on here

Thank you guys for reading this. This took me 20 minutes on making this while sitting in a corner thinking about my life.
Thixs me fam




ERMAGOSH! That is so funny!


Good job
Sitting in a corner
And thinking abour your life
Top notch