Sins and Cos Help (I need help)


This is where I ask questions for using sins and cos to make round things. The first person to answer my question will get to be in the credits of the game!


First it's to make a happy smile, for a face generator!
Put the code underneath this with replying like this

Smile Sins and cos code:



Ohh I haven't done this in a while
Does it need to be sin and cos?


Or any way to make a smile (besides using an arch or any shapes)


I wish I could help you, but I can't entirely remember sine and cosine! I made a topic about it, I'll find it. :slight_smile:


I know, it's not super helpful, but it somewhat explains! :slight_smile:


But I perfur sins and cos


Sry @LazyLizard but that's not what I need



That's fine! It kinda explains sine/cosine in the link I put up but it takes a while to understand and I haven't been able to code in a while.

@KVJ may know more than me even though I helped him learn it lol


Ok then! @KVJ I need your help with sine and cosines


Oh, I can help! What do you want your smiley face to look like?


I just need the code for the smile


Oops..... check my latest project it will show u


My username is BananaPEEL​:banana:


I'm here now!

I used a smile in my Bernard project.


Repeat times 180

Set POS to X( 100 x cos(Rotation) + 500 ) Y( 40 x sin(Rotation) + 400 )
Turn 1


You can play around with the numbers to suit you :slight_smile:


Ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@KVJ thx for the tip but I need it more round


You could check out the code in my project Blue Ball - Da Bomb v1.0
It draws the character in the lower right on the game over screen. If that's the kind of happy face you're after, I'm ThinBuffaloSr in Hopscotch.
The code to draw it is broken in Abilities for most of the individual features so hopefully it's not too hard to follow.


Sry I don't need a mouth like that. But I like the game @thinbuffalo
I need one like under my projects (username is bananapeel​:banana:) it's say. To intelection. I need a smile like that


If you mean more round you can change the "40" to something bigger for Y :wink:


BTW, sorry, it's out of topic, what is flagging? I know how to bookmark but I never used flagging!