Sine? Cosine? Wut


Thanks! I'm glad he's suspended because what he's said in other topics was rude. :sparkler::fireworks:


I saw you edit out the "z"
And yes, he was beyond rude


:joy: I don't know if he was joking or if he was being serious about the special school thing.


Apparently, he was showing the whole thing to his friends at school.
I don't even know how he heard of this
Yeah, it seemed as though he was being suuuper dead serious and xenophobic


Like, he was being really nice giving me a link to my question but then when I said I hadn't learned this he went off the train track and into the sky. I was confuzzled about what I did though.


Hey! I use the word confuzzled, too!
Yeah, it was very odd. As if he was bi-polar or something
I didn't know what was going on at the beginning


@xse Are you really this desperate to come on a kids' coding forum and "troll" people? And then you get suspended so you come back to "troll" people? How obsessed are you with the forum?


Stop stalking me..

Keep rolling your eyes at us. Maybe you'll find a brain back there




K, chill on the disses before u get flagged to


Actually, they're very intelligent.


Should I ease up on the burn, then?


Nah, make it worse! Jk


IHaveExpectations made a new account and is being very rude, disrespectful, etc.


I am past third grade and do not know that either...


He's lying, trig is more for junior high/high school


I don't know, maybe he's just in some other school. But he should open up a bit to other schools. The U.S.A. doesn't teach kids sine and cosine in third grade. Unless he means third form.....?


He said he was just trying to trigger people


Ah, okay. :+1: I understand.


Yeah, it was a terrible incident
I don't like that it vandalized the math category