Sine? Cosine? Wut


I have no idea how to use either of those. I've seen these topics but can somebody tell me...

  • What are they used for? (Sine and cosine)

  • An easy explanation for how to use them.

  • When would Sine and Cosine need to be added in code?

  • If your an advanced coder is this easier for you?

  • Can you use Sine and Cosine in the same line of code?

Thank you for answering.

Sine And Cosine Help
Maths blocks? Please reply

They are tricky things. What u use them for is like drawing circles with bunches of lines or something check the HS app


Sine and Cosine have many uses. In math, something to do with trigonometry.
In Hopscotch, mostly used for more control over circular type things. Such as bold text, circles, and lots of stuff like that.

The first number is distance from the middle. The second is a variable increasing, usually. The third is the middle.

Credit to @KVJ for the explanation.


I'm thinking of learning sine and cosine even tho I am learning HTML rn


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Yep they can be :smiley:

I have a sort of longer explanation post in relation to the maths behind it but not so much the usage :thinking: I have seen some other topics around for that although I can't recall right now.





This post will help you understand trigonometric functions:
You will also learn this in grade 3.

The Numberphile Topic -- The Official Nerdy Math Topic! [OLD]

That is a cool website. Also, you won't learn that in third Graf eunkess you're very intelligent.


I'm past grade 3 and I still didn't know that.


Hmm in Australia they start trig in the ninth grade if you follow the national curriculum here. I guess it depends on implementation of curriculum, and I guess we're in different parts of the world. Me, I'm already disappointed with some curricula in a different way though.

Anyway the Mathsisfun website can be really helpful :smiley:

For Twizzler, I just thought about a tool for just playing around with graphs which might be fun for exploring trigonometry graphs and graphs in general :smiley:

It is called Desmos:


True they haven't taught us either I've been wondering this too thx 4 making this topic
Hi @t1_hopscotch!


Hi @FCD! :smile: I think this topic will be a huge help too!


Not so sure about that, the australian transfer students who came here said they did trig in grade 5.


Yeah I don't see why people can't do it outside of school too, I was just mentioning a case of the curriculum. Anyway I just meant mostly to illustrate that people can learn at different ages.


No, I'm not actually. My school district didn't teach it when we were in 3rd grade.


Actually, finding that out in third grade is a school for special kids. In the opposite sense of what you meant.


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