Sine & cosine help


Hey, I would like to learn what exactly sine and cosine is, since I haven’t yet learned what it is in school… Can someone help?


It is the ratios between the sides of a right angled triangle. It can be used in Hopscotch to draw a perfect circle or make an orbiting pattern but thats only the beginning. I haven’t been on HS so I can’t remember how to utilise it in the code.
This is a tutorial from a while back by UptownStudios on how to use it. Its from a much older version but still relevant.


As for the mathematic part,


Neither have I. In Hopscotch it’s used for making circles.

Seriously though, when I try to learn how it’s used I don’t get it.


All you need to know for HS is that inside the sin or cos block the number is anything. The number in the multiplication block is how far away you want it to be from the center, and the number in the addition block is the center.


If you actually want to learn, google it. It’s simpler than you think


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I literally have a topic with exactly the same name… SBYP

But here it is…some really good coders shared how it works…