Sine,cosine and tangent



It sounds weird but I don’t know how to use these☺️. A quick tutorial would be appreciated


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Quick summary: ratios of triangle
Sin and cos are side over hypotenuse, tan is side over other side.
Cos (side a) = b/c
Tan (a) = a/b


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Sine can only be done with right angles.
A right angle has a hypotenuse(the longest edge),Opposite(the edge opposite to the hypotenuse),Adjacent(adjacent to the hypotenuse) edge.
To calculate sine,we first find out the length of Hyp and Opp. Then we divide the Opp by Hyp. The answer is called Sine theta.


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Cosine is adjacent divided by hypotenuse and tangent is opposite divided by adjacent. There is also something called a reverse tangent, which adjacent divided by opposite.
Sine,Cosine and Tangent are called trigonomometric ratios.


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