Sine and Cosine Topic


Hi,this topic is especially made for Sine and Cosine. Right now,I'm learning Skne and Cosine! We can share our creations here! We can also ask for help! Right now,I'm experimenting Sin and Cos! If you want to learn how to do Sin and Cos,you should read Kiwicutes guide! They're super helpful!
My guesses are less people wil ckme to this topic!
Tagging Cosine masters and friend:
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Awesome idea! I have 3 sin and cos projects i think


Awesome idea! I just learned the basics of sin and cos from Rawry, I made this:


I'm going to post a project I created..but the image load so long! I'll post that after I eat breakfast


wait wot? You havent eaten breakfast yet? its past noon for you

The right thing uses sine. To use it, just tap the little thing on the bottom left corner. Yeah, I'm working on an art pad xD


U wot? It's 11:51 PM


nice. Its 3:51 pm here


Hai! I have as least 25 CoSine projects :slight_smile:


I just finished eating!


What?! That's my timezkne 15 min ago! Hi


Hai! Well, now it's 12:18 AM :3


Wot yur up at midnight?! Waaaaaaaaaaaat???????


It's Sunday,afternoon here!


Woah. It is Saturday night where I live. It is crazy how time is and how it is different in different places.





Let's get back on topic!


I was checking to see if my new profile pic worked. It is from the spongebob best day ever song thing. Do ya like it?


Here's what I made!: