Sine And Cosine Help



I need with Sine and Cosine. I have figured out how to make some shapes with them but that is just me randomly guessing. I also know the Pythagorean Theory. But I still don't really get it.

How do Sins and Cos work?
How do Sins and Cos work?
Sine & cosine help
How to use sine/cosine

A full tutorial on this is coming really soon :wink:


@KVJ is better at explaining than me. Hehe. Sorry.


Correct. #CoSine


No he's not...


Have a look


Can anybody help me make a trail art oval? (Solved)

Si he is.


No señor.


Thanks! This will come in handy.




Exactly :slight_smile:


I need some help figuring out how to sine and cosine...


So do I. Are you on hopscotch?


There are plenty of awesome tutorials on this — i'll find you some links :D

(This tutorial is using an old version of Hopscotch, but that's no big problem.)

Probably the best way to understand what you can use them for is to just play around with them.


@t1_hopscotch, would you mind merging all of the sin/cos/tan help topics into one, please? Thanks! This would help organize the math category a lot


I think that would be helpful too :smiley: Thanks for tagging me.

Hmm I'll at least do it for these similar topics.

I have just joined this topic with another one @SummarianStudios, it is a great question!!


Thank you t1!


This is what A created this topic for, people helping other people with Sine and Cosine! I feel accomplished...


I'm MakeMeACode and I don't know how to use sins and Cons, I've been dying to use them but I've never actually been bothered to learn how to. Please help!


I think you mean sin and cos :stuck_out_tongue:

It's a weird math thingamajig to do with circles and such that I have no clue how to work. So, since I appear to be totally unhelpful in this endeavor of yours, try looking up tutorials on Hopscotch or something. :D

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