Sin cos club!😀😀😀😀😀😀


If you want to be in my sine and cosine club( 23 spaces) reply. Everyone in hopscotch is liking the project, but no one is applying

Reply to apply

Sin and cosine club

Sorry, typo. It was supposed to be 25 spaces.

#3 Look at this project and apply.


Looks like you made two topics about this! Maybe you could only make one next time so we don't clutter the forum! :wink:
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I joined. But you'll have to teach me how to do sine and cosine, I put out a notice for sine and cosine help yesterday. And we won't be on on Sunday to Wednesday I think. Relatives coming over.


Just guess! Secretly, I use Google calculator for some of it. :wink:


Sine and cosine is the act of rotation around a certain text object. Well, you'll understand when you join...


Have you joined? :question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question: sorry just needed to fill the minimum amount of characters.


I would like to be in this club. I am currently working on hopscotch's first real 3D game. It's a mini world in Minecraft. You can build, change camera, jump, and move.


No, I was just explaining sine and cosine. :sweat_smile:


+bincbrega1 accepted