Sin cos club please join



New people:



Good sincosman

Amazing sincosman:

Now your somewhere:

Fantabulous. And no I'm not making up words:


co leader:

Leader: @Intelligentscooter

You will need to give me a sin and cos hopscotch thing. Remix one of my projects so I see it.i will rank you on coolness


ummm.... This is exactly like my poetry club! Please don't copy me :expressionless:. Or you can give credit

PS new people and beginner mean the same thing lol


Go to the other we don't want it to spam the forum


Sorry. I will give credit.


Just join the other one:wink: Me no like ■■■■■■■■ up forum


What if @Intelligentscooter wants to start their own club? :smiley:


You mean if? He/she copied and pasted


What do you mean? If you see this check meta dicourse.


Maybe you guys could just join the poetry club @Sapfire has already made?

@SapFire, I don't think @Intelligentscooter meant to copy your work. Maybe you inspired @Intelligentscooter!


I've got lots more ranks though


In New Jersey getting inspired to do a club by someone else is considered copying.