Sin, cos, and ✔️ Stuff



I was wondering what is the sin, cos, and check thing for and how u use it can someone tell me like @MagmaPOP ive seen him use it. (This is for fun)

  • how do you use it
  • i know a little



The check mark means square root. Do you know what square of numbers are?


Ummmmmmmm i dont know


Im in 5th grade so i might not know alot


Square are basically a number multiplied by themselves.
For example
1 time 1 which equals 1
2 time 2 which equals 4
3 times 3 which equals 9
I'm assuming you know multiplication!




Ok, so a square root is basically the opposite of that. The square root of 9 is 3, square root of 4 is 2.

Do you know what the square root of 25 is?

Hopefully I made it clearer.


I'm in 5th grade and I know square! and partly sin and cos!


I lernt square root in yeaR 4!!!!!!!!


People live in different places so they would teach people different stuff. I'm in Middle School(not saying exactly what grade) and I only know square roots but not sin or cos(i'd like to learn more about sin and cos they're confusing and I only know the basics)




OK... What is the sin of 270


I don't know a lot about it (I think it's a negative right) @Stampys_fans


5 and i kinda know square root i learned a little in 3rd grade


-0.176.../1 (if 270 is degrees, if it's radians then that is a highly impractical number) also I'm probably wrong, @oio fix my maths pls


-0.17604594647, think...


10.08.../1 if 270 is radians



I may be a little behind the curve here. Not sure what the context is, because i haven't read the above. I just noticed the @ notification thingy.

So, do you want to convert 270 degrees to radians?

You just need to remember this stuff

[your number in degrees] is to 360 degrees (a full circle)
[your number in radians] is to 2*Pi radians (also a full circle).

You just set up the ratio, if you don't remember the multiplicative factor. I mean, there's the basis for the answer.

With that said, it simplifies to A(rad) = A(deg)* 2 Pi /360.
And 2*Pi = 2*3.14159265... or 6.2931853...
So the above boils down to just

A(rad) = A(deg) * 0.01745329...

And, yes, that's about what Stampys_fans said, except for a factor of ten (easy typo to make).

270 degrees would be 4.71238898... radians

But why are you thinking about this?


Quizing somebody about sineand no cos at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


convert degrees to radians before you start the equation @justanerd not after, before

and yes, I just tagged myself in my own post