Simulator editors and makers!



I am looking for brillant minds who can give me ideas for simulators, If we can pull this off, I will mention your names in my project. This is a community project!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!


I am looking forward to Peper sim 2!


Better? Yet @MobCraft ?


Waits for Dr Who music to start It's done!


I am currently working on a Donald Trump simulator but It had to be scrapped because I can't make a viable joystick to control my entitiy.


I think this is a great idea! So this is a...collab?


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I can take that in mind good idea!!! Also I am trying to make a Donald Trump Simulator but it's been scrapped due to the fact that I can't make a suitable joystick.


You sound like a god or something if your talking about the Sim's game (I know its actually simulator) :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wowww...... So helpful


What do you mean suitable? Like what won't work?


It's the joystick thats so hard to use


Oh my gosh what if someone made the Sim's on HS!?


I'm not talking about the sims, Im talking about simulators


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Sorry im getting off topic. Ill go make a new topic about the sims


@danyangjr, do you need ideas for a simulator game?


YES I'm despreate because something in my pepper and Donald Trump simulator won't work properly


Hmm... Maybe a pet simulator! :wink:


Didn't I told you that have a Donald Trump Simulator