Sims 3 Super collab (needs help)


Hey guys I'm making a sims 3 game inspired by @Huggingfluffybear
The list of what I need and the amount
Beta testers around 2
3D modeler 1
Ui design but not buttons 2 or less
Code ohh wait that's me and 2 other peeps
And music makers only 1 or 2
To join just ask and fill form

What are you good at
A project link
Are you awesome oh wait everyone is :smile:
And when did you start


Also I hope this is not a competition!


And as well no steeling ideas!


No this is sims 3 and no competition plus you would win :smile:


HEY he said you INSPIRED him be grateful for that and don't act like that towards an innocent Hopscotchear because that's cruel.


I was just making sure!


No he was just asking it's okey m8


And one quick question are you saying I am not innocent?


Aww thanks!

Thank @Bubbles4Ever929 though!


Guys I don't want fighting it's okay we are good


No I'm saying that he didn't do anything wrong so you didn't have to be so mean because he was inspired by you.


I was not being meen first of all!


Hey guys just calm down and be nice I just want a good nice collab


I'm not trying to offend you,or anything but we should get on topic :wink:


Yes let's just focus


Yes we should!!!!!!!


Good we are agreeing


Very let's get on top


Ok if you wanna join fill out that form to join


Hey guys I need help making this

Well it won't load so I want the Ui hold on let me try this