SimplySouthernGurl ran out of replies



Hi everyone!

@SimplySouthernGurl has asked me to let you all know she has run out replies because this is her first day. So that's why

she's not responding to anything, just liking. She'll have more replies tomorrow, so she can talk more then!

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


She can just edit posts! Is she u?


Make sure she doesn't run out of likes!


No she's not me. I don't think basic users can edit posts. Let's see! @SimplySouthernGurl, can you try clicking the little green notepad in the corner of my post? Then you can edit my post!


Thanks for letting us know!

@SimplySouthernGurl, hello! Try clicking the three dots at the bottom of this post, tapping the pencil icon, and see if you can edit this! :slight_smile:

Why is it working for me @SmileyAlyssa- @MYD
not her, can edit this-@hopscotch_king
I want to know how to add global edit -Someone
Sorry your post was cut off @codingCupcake123


Click this, edit my post, @everyone
Why is it not working for me?
Why??????? Now it is working, right ur name down below if u see this

I can edit! Wowzer! Is it just Regulars' posts I can edit? -@KVJ


Ok @SimplySouthernGurl, like this post if you couldn't edit it.