SimplySouthernGurl AMA (ask me anything)


Hello! :blush:

I happen to see a lot of AMAs out there, so I thought, why not? On this topic, you can Ask Me Anything, or AMA.:smile:

No personal or inappropriate stuff please! :grin:

Please try to stay on topic!:wink:

Be nice! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I'm glad to answer your amazing questions! :thinking:


I thought you were going to camp.


I'm on my way now...go look at my topic again I updated at my most recents post​:wink: @Murphy1


How's life?
Are you working on anything on HS you'd like to share?


I haven't made anything on Hopstotch since I started the forum which was last April​:joy::joy:


That's a long time o.O
Make something please so I can gice it a like


ok lol I will I guess....



Le XD!