Simple was to show someone how to do tricks!



A lot of people have been saying you do this blah blah blah Then you just don't do the space or you add a / between [ ] and things like that. I know it's helpful, but it was also confusing to new users! So instead, show them exactly how to do it! You can use < > between things. When you do < >, it's like making a text invisible. So you can put them in between things to show people how to use it!



They can see exactly how to do it, without being confused.


- Hi
- Hi again!

All you have to do is put < some text > between something! Then bam!

It's really simple! Just do those so people can see exactly how to do it! It's more helpful! :smiley:


Let me try...
- this
- is
- a
- fake
- poll




: ( it didnt work



press this



this is a button, dont press it

oh, another button

i told you to not press it

this is a never ending thing

it did not end yet, i just need to keep editing it to make it longer