Simple Tutorial: How to make super quick and small bold text



I am making a game, and I wanted bold text in it. I was going to make the sine/cosine version of bold text, but that took much too long.
Okay, so this isn't really a tutorial so much as a suggestion, but to get bold text that looks like this (on a small scale) -

Just make one clone and scoot it over a tiny bit.

I did this so that it showed up when I pressed a button, but you could also do it for a title page or something in the beginning.
Anyway, I hope this helps some people... as I said before, it's not really a tutorial. No credit is needed, obviously, and someone has probably done it before. So... that's my tutorial! I hope that you enjoy and find use for it somewhere!


amazing tutorial! :D


Thank you! It's really not much... :blush:


I think its very informative, I like it!


You could make a fast bold text to:

when game starts:
set invisibility to 100
Repeat 25
Creat a clone
Increase value: random by 25

When character is cloned
Set text (text)
Set size (whatever you want)
Set position x 5 x cos random + x position you want y 5 x sin random + y position you want


That was kind of my first idea, I just decided that, since the text was so small, I would prefer to do it this way and nobody would notice :wink:


That's a good way too, I used that way in my Star Wars music project.


Both @BB-Box and @WynterDiamond's codes are really good. I use this one:
When the play button is tapped
(Add color code, sizes etc. here)
Repeat times (whatever you want)
Create a clone
Increase value x by 1

When character is cloned
Change X by x
(Add color code, sizes etc. here)

If you want a 3D-text, you do:
When the play button is tapped
(Add color code, sizes etc. here)
Create a clone

When character is cloned
Change X by (usually 3, 5 or 7 depending on the text size)
(Add color code, sizes etc. here)


Last summer I made a tutorial how to make a bold text. It shows how the code should look like. It was my 4th featured (ooh, old times)


Waoh thanks! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


No problem! :wink: