Simple is sometimes BEST



... Right guys?


Are you kidding me?

You THINK simple is not very INTERESTING?

Well, I'll change that!

Why? always the first question people ask.


Well, you might be saying "Wat? You mean something that takes just 5 minutes is good? Okay then I'll tr-"


What I meant is that... The interface of the project shouldn't be too detailed, OR you could say that the code isn't really as confusing and you be like "EHHHHH! IM TOO TIRED!!!!!!!!!"

So the question here is, WHY?

Well, one reason is that you don't have to spent 10 YEARS (exaggerating) just to make a project. That means it's more efficient to do and that you have loads of time to do other things, like playing Minecraft or watching Big Hero 6 over and over again.

How do I do it?

Well, if you're making an interactive storybook, you don't have to be like, HOW DO I DO THE PAGE FLIPPING ANIMATION THINGY or I WANT TO MAKE A BOOK LOOK FABULOUS. As long as you get the story, or the message across, that's all you have to do!

You can do it in the way @Follow4LikesOfficial does it! All his "Is ______ part of the Illuminati" projects! Just a simple mechanic and BOOM!

Mission Accomplished!

Who can do it?


Take a minute to do this feedback!
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That one project that got featured got a lot of criticism, but it was what the HT picked and wasn't really that bad!
I love this!


Well said! I agree fully. :clap::smiley:


Wow I am impressed awesome topic I think I need to work on this!:wink:


(^-^) I like this!


Amazing short funny humorous tutorial!


So you mean easy UI? Or attractive but still simple graphics? Or both :D
..............Sometimes the "simple" graphics are harder than the not so pleasing ones :P Wait! No! That sounded a whole lot better in my head.....