Simple Draw Pad Tutorial



Hey, everyone! I will show you how to make a simple, drawing pad!

The first thing you are going to do to make a very easy drawing pad with little code, glitching, and text objects is add a text button. When it pops up with this screen, hit cancel, to get a faded text.

Great job! This is what will be the object that leaves your trail. If you want this to be something else, you can make it whatever you want! People use crosshairs, stars, and nothing. But, it will still leave the trail.

Our next step is so you can actually draw some lines.

Add a new rule, and plug in "When iPad is Tapped". In this, put in the ability (the rainbow and white blocks on the side) the last one, Move to my Finger, and it does exactly what it says.

Now, in a different rule. Add a new rule, and hit "More", then "When (something) is tapped". In that something, select iPad. Then, drag out the ability Move to my Finger. Also, hit the purple Drawing section, and drag out Leave a Trail. Your screen should look somewhat like this.

Good job, so far! This is where it gets a little tricky, and hard to explain. Tap on the box that says Width, and on the left, click Values, and click right, so you get to the iPad.

See at the bottom where it says "+ New Value"? Click that twice. The first time enter "Size" and the second enter "Color". Tap color value when it comes up, but then drag it into the color block, then click the size value, and leave it.

Also, move the Move to my Finger into the Leave a Trail block, and the Move 300 block outside to delete it.

Exit out of that rule. And make a new (and final for this text) rule. Choose "Whem Play Button is Tapped", and drag out 2 yellow Set Value blocks, and put in the first block "Color" (in iPad section) and in the second block "48" (not a value). This will make more sense later, and you still have the same colors. For the next one, put the value Size, and then to 15.

Good job! You have finished with that text! Yayyayayayayay!! Now, we are on to the next texts! These will be color texts.

Drag out 3 circles, Or whatever shape you like. Now, the rules for these 3 are fairly similar.
1. When the Play Button is Tapped
2. Repeat Forever -> Set Color to Value Color. Try to remember what you did with the color blocks before this!
Now, for the text to the RIGHT, it is Value Color + 1. For the text to the LEFT, it is Value Color - 1.

Yay! Now, if you didn't get that (it was hard for me to explain), you can look at my recently published one here.

Thank you for looking at this tutorial! If you need help on sizing, just ask me!

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