Simple and Easy Pixel Draw (FTU Code)



This is inspired by @Valgo, but I didn't copy any code (any similarities in the code are by coincidence). It's a pixel draw thing, but I made a really simple version. All code in this is free to use.


Really good. Well done!


Ooh this is awesome! I like the idea you used :grinning:


I did a remix where it doesn't have the squares taking a while to draw.

Oh wait, it's really not smooth anyway XD

it takes long to load the clones at the start still, and it's not viewable because I'm in the beta version

That was the code I basically changed, but it did not make anything better. (And I just used Self.ID instead of Self.size for the clones because I thought it was affecting decimals but i don't think it was)


Somehow, I was able to view it and after the clones all load, it's actually pretty smooth.


Ooh okay I thought they might not be viewable. Hehe I think your original one is smoother though – on my remix, you have to drag slower if you want it smoother.