Silverdolphin's General topic!


Hyia guys !!
This is me @silverdolphin and I have just found out that this is my first account on the fourum !!

@liza , please can you change my username ?? I really was to start over here , as someone hacked it and I am making up for what they have done !!


How????? Do you want the link to DD? I can tell that you are still the regular @Silverdolphin.


What do you mean fren ??


@Rodrigo , I am desperate to change my username but I cannot !! PLESAE can you finale it for me as I want to restart on this account as it was hacked !!


What link are you talking about ?.




@staff , please can you change my username because I want to start over on this account and can you change it to Fizzy.Bubbles ?


I don't see much evidence that "your" old account was hacked, but if the staff do anything about your name change, they will probably check the ip adresses of both accounts.


The DD topic on HF
Wait, how are you back on @Silverdolphin?


I log in and out of both accounts !!


It was because look at this post - I did not reply on this account until yesterday and I never lie !!