Silverdolphin's General Topic! Chill'n in @Jojo’s choccie bunka (Silvey is awesome - Lisa1045)



Nah, I don’t have it and I’m fine.


@Ana, for Hopscotch if I wanted to create a new account, do I have to pay a subscription?


@tankt2016 your new profile picture is awesome!


Thanks! Lol I photoshop my cats.

Yours is awesome too!


Aw there so cute! I just stole mine from the internet (lol)


How many cats do you have?


Nope! Just tap skip in the top right corner after few seconds.


Ah okay! Thank you so much!


I don’t see the skip button!



I still don’t have that button, maybe because I am using a phone right now?


Did you select get started then I’m a parent?


Yang is in my profile picture and Trixie is a diluted calico.


That is a serious lot to a thin person like me.


Good for you!


And for me, there’s a long way to go :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck on your weight loss plan. And wish me good luck on my weight gain plan.


Good luck, I hope it works for you!


That’s still a huge amount, awesome work!


Good luck!

Just eat heaps of chocolate.

Works every time :P