Silverdolphin's General Topic! Chill'n in @Jojo’s choccie bunka (Silvey is awesome - Lisa1045)



I still have it
My username is the same, Lisa1045🐯


Cool! In about a minute, check my bio!


Kk now check my little friends section!


Aww thanks
In a minute, check my bio as well ;0


That’s okay! Your my best online friend after all!


You’re mine as well :)



Hai !
I have finished my bio now


Aw thank you so much Senpai!


No problem, senpai !


Yay! You were probably my first Hopscotch friend, you know that right! And I think I made you that “Lisa’s world”?


Yep !


Sorry made that when I was still a very basic user! lol


Nono, it is fine! It was actually very good, a lot better than what I can even do now


No I am sure your amazing, I am not good? You have always been super good at coding!


You are very good!
I was never really that good, because I never spent too much time coding lol


Didn’t work sadly but okay


Sure !


Ahh thank youuuuuuuuuu


No problem ^^