Silverdolphin's General Topic! Chill'n in @Jojo’s choccie bunka (Silvey is awesome - Lisa1045)



@SilviesMissListie is anyone around right now?

Have all of you seen this, and would anyone like me to nominate them?


I’m sorta around ig
And I saw that!
Are you going to do it? (I think you’d be a great leader!)


Thank you, I think you will be an awesome one! I have already done it as I want to help people as much as I can! (I emailed Ana, let’s see what she says!)


I’d love to but I’m not very active so I think it’s best that I leave it to the more active people.


Okay sure, but you would of been a really helpful leader!


You just had Summer holidays, right?


Yeah, summer holidays ended last Friday.


Awesome! What did you do?


We went on a cruise around Australia and New Zealand.

I started working out and lost 2.5kg.

I spent time with my cousins who came to NSW from Queensland.


I’m doing the thing and it would be really nice if you can help.


That sound really fun! Well done!


Of course! I will post a bit later!


Hi! I’m not that active anymore


Hai! How are you? Thank you for letting me know!


@StarryDream all done! I honestly hope you become a leader!

and @Jojo too but if he doesn’t want to, then okay


I’m alright, what about you?


Great thank you for asking!


@SilviesMissListie, I am going to get Hopscotch again, does anyone still have it and maybe I can follow you if you do?


I still have it, and my username is tankt2016 on there too.


Okay great! I have email THT, so let me see if I can get my account back!