Silverdolphin's General Topic! Chill'n in @Jojo’s choccie bunka (Silvey is awesome - Lisa1045)



Thank you frenapai!


Thx!!! :3333


@Explorer_ Expie , who drew yors

@Lisa1045 , next time you are planning to change your profile picture , could me, you and Expie be matching ?


For the contest we can judge in the lounge now , if you want to X D


Like as in colors? :3


I tried to draw ur pfp


@VanillaBlossom did!


Ok! But maybe tomorrow it’s 9:00 pm where I am


Sup Dia

search up Persona plzzzzzz


It isn’t summer in Australia unfortunately, although, I am moving houses.


Kay kay …

I will do !


Congratulations! I know , its winter ! Is it could there ?


How about today ? Around 9pm my time ??


Wow ! Thats amazing !

And when I mean matching profile pictures, we can have the same picture or we could have the same colour!


Shes a reallly good artist !


Hi! I’m sorry, I don’t think I can right now, but maybe I can tonight around 7:30 pm Eastern time.


(ok :3)


I finished Persona 4 and is watching EVA lol


Whats eva ??????????