Silverdolphin's General Topic! Chill'n in @Jojo’s choccie bunka (Silvey is awesome - Lisa1045)



Oh ok, that's still fine!
I'm all out of likes


I feel that people in general don't want me around the forum ...


Thanks !

I have stolen you likes , so haha


That's not very nice @Silver_snow


@Explorer_ , what should I do to @Silversnow - I don't know what she is talking about !


That's not nice....what r u talking about tho?


Should I flag the post ?

@t1_hopscotch , what should I do about the post ? She is KittyCute from before, who was making mean projects about everyone !


She was talking to me !


I know I was just saying! :3


Hi @t1_hopscotch , could we have a PM ?


@DMF , what should I do about Silver_snow ?


@t1_hopscotch ???? She's hating now!


What the heck?? What are you talking about


Flag the post, and alert a team member, like you did. Then ignore it.


I don't know.

I'm going to leave. I'm solving ciphers rn


Yeah, that's a good idea


Thanks guys , just leave !


Wait I'm busy flagging


That's ridiculously rude!

I sure don't.

No way

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