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@silver_dophin hi! have you finally decided to use your account?


hi im really fine hahahah


hello my name is grace im here to assist you to make better tea

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I’m on right now and for a while. @Silverdolphin


Wait, there are two silver dolphins…


nope, that’s my back up account. I gave it to my friend to use yesterday, so if you see her posting, its not me!


Oh… that makes sense. I’m really bored


i’m doing homework, or at least trying too!


Same with me, I just can’t get into the zone. Do you want to hear it so far?


Its no where near done but here you go @Silverdolphin

The path at my feet fades as it leads into the darkness of the woods, yet follow it I must for the sake of humanity. The hills that lie friendly in the day - like the pillows of the land - are darkly ominous by night. The gnarled trees wrapping around your ankles like chains trapping the enemy. It was all over for Rosie.

Her blonde hair was poker-straight and pulled back into a low ponytail. She wore little make-up and was often stern, rarely joining in the jokes of the other children.

She walked into the gloomy forest, watching where she stepped. It was dark, it was peaceful, just what she needed. A growl of a creature circled the area. She gripped her phone in her left hand, tapping her polished fingernails against the smooth screen. It was close.


its really good so far! wow!


Gosh, you read really quickly!!! Do you have any ideas for the next bit???


Yes I do, I’ve been reading for a long time so I am used to it XD


Do you have any ideas for the next bit? @Silverdolphin


how about you could describe more about her background?


Is it possible if you could give me a little example?


sure! Maybe more about the other children, or about the forest?


Okay, thanks and I’m going to be on for agesss now


Okay let me know when you have completed it!


It would be cool to see it!