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Wow my friend has very similar allergies to you! She has a few more than you, but she is taking stuff to help her get rid of some of them!


So like a vampire?


Noooooo! Can you still go by dogs and cats with some sort of medicine or anti allergy cat


Well don’t forget the emo part!


I’ve seen the allergy on YouTube fpbefore


You can do that? Who knew. I used to be allergic to soy, but grew out of that so I can more things! I get rid of my allegies naturally, like I’m almost not allergic to fish


So an emo wosard lol


Yep! Well she had to as they were getting too serious!


Well, not cats, because I am deathly allergic to those.
Dogs I’m scared of, and their fur makes me sneeze


Yes exactly. Perfect!


No, like she can be put in the sun for a certain amount of time before she starts getting these like bumps and things


Oh. Cats usually are more bad than dogs


How do you like my new profile pic now


Yes much better! You need the emo part though!?


Ah okay! Sorry I was confused!


@UnicornRainbow are you still on? How are you?


It’s fine, everyone gets confused sometimes


Yeah I need to make it emo, but I can’t really do it well


yeah, it’s a rare allergy.


maybe draw some kind of lightning bolts coming from the hat like hair, but instead it’s lightning!