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@Silverdolphin you still on?


I’m on now!

@Writer_Lillian did you like my little emoji game thing?


In ur description?
Yeah, I liked it!


Cool! I just saw you had something similar, so I was wondering if you used mine as inspiration haha


Hhm y’know i think @Writer_Lillian is british too


I know what you mean! Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t XD


I thought that @UnicornRainbow was British at first. Idk why. I think Lillian is American. She recommended me the pizza place but they only have stores in the US.


Pizza Hut?


Ah hello emo kid, I have seen that you have updated your profile picture.


No, not anything like Pizza Hut or Dominos or that. I don’t remember and if I did, I wouldn’t want to give out her location. It was across like Ohio and Michigan or something


Yes I made the smiley myself but it took like an hour to get used to the tools on Vectornator


Oh. Those places are very good


Haha okay! It looks nice!


Good to know for when I visit!


I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had them. Just me and my allegies


What type of allergies do you have?


Yes. I might update it to a wizard shoøting out lightning bolts


Oh. I knew a girl who had so many allergies of fruits and other things


Well, you asked for it

Tree nuts
Some type of medicine
I think dogs too


I know one who is allergic to grass. And one who is allergic to the sun