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Gtg for a bit

school is a callin'


Hello, you on???


Yeah. This sounds weird but on Minecraft I got bored on factions, sooooo… I named a dirt block tinkles and flew him around with elytra


No that’s okay! How was it?


I’m working on my story now


I’ll post chapter one when I’m done




Ok so I removed one of the brothers so it’s just coco and Jonathan.


So how’s this so far? If you think it needs changes, please tell me so. This is an extremely rough draft

Chapter 1: family

It’s 13456. My name is Jonathan. I live with my dad, and my sister, coco. If you are wondering about my mom, we don’t know about her. It’s all confusing, but what happened was a few years ago. coco and I were only 8 at that time, and our mom had gone on a resource trip. She was scheduled to go out for a month then come back, and we waited a month. But then my dad started to worry about my mom. Coco and I didn’t understand what was happening, so we just continued to play our virtual reality game. But when dad told us mom might never come back home, we started to cry. We cried for hours until my dad comforted us to sleep. So that’s the story of our mom, Diana.


6 hours late :((


*Coco and I were
Else it’d be “me was only 8” if you take out “& coco” ; D

Noice story tho! Definitely interesting!


Ok. Omg I heard my English teacher say that lol


It’s true
These mistakes are horrible


Lol me is always using bad grammars


Yessss grammar rules are so picky


Ok so that beginning is just to introduce the characters. It’s not the real first chapter, just the false one to introduce the family


memes welcome


It’s really good! Nice scene setting!


@StarryDream hello!


Sure! Let me go and check it out!