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I also responded to your post on ChickenGirl’s gt but she made me delete it cause it had Pepe in it and she didn’t like it :frowning:


I’ll go check it out!


Haha okay! Sure!!!


When exactly did you post the meme so I know how far back to go?


I might make the main characters a family, which is the father, (please give son1 a name) and (please give son2 a name) and (please give daughter name). And they also have a robot assistant ai, which is basically the caretaker for when the dad isn’t home( very often, as he works in the resource gathering unit).


Most of them are just the Hits blunt memes



Son 1: you choose
Son 2: you choose
Daughter: Coco-Isabella (can I be her?)


The meme lord grants you membership to the meme cult for your great effort into finding those delicious memes.


Okay thank you! I shall go check it out now!


Sure. So is the daughters name coco or Isabella


Hey do you know how many posts read is 1 days worth of reading time?


Yep exactly! Whatever you( or anyone else) decides!


I don’t, but it’s pretty easy to pass if you are on consistently


I am the meme queen of my school - no one knows who printed out all those Valentine’s ecards and stuck them all over the school on Valentine’s day


Okay thank you! It’s a good trick!


Lol that’s good to know! I can imagine you being it!


They will never know…



I’ll make it a good muck up day for my grade


I shall ask you for advice on muck up day

3200 post! Yay!