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Regulars can make their own tags, so you could ask one to make it for you!

If you meant a title, she is only giving them out to people who applied for leader. Sorry!


Okay. How do you like your hair? That’s the main question.




Idk I will get haircut though bcuz I can’t make it look that good. But for now it looks fine.


Thank you! You can be Alex then! He’s a character I plan on bringing on in one of my stories.


Okay but never get a bowl cut. Understand?


Cool. Idk what to do in my storie yet because it’s new I started it a few minutes ago


Maybe make a mystery story?


Yes. A lot of little kids had them a long time agi


Good! If you want it long, it’s your choice. Let it be.


It’s in space, but earth is overpopulated (84 billion people!) and all the resources are gone. So they have to make do, while a big company(idk the name yet, so please give suggestions!) provides all the basic necessities of life. And many people have to work for the company, because all other companies have been bankrupted. So basically a third of the population works for the company in the resources unit, and gathers that stuff. Then all the other grownups do other work in the company, like figuring out how to save the people and build ships to get resources from other planets. And the kids get taught things like what job they want in the company, and other school things.


So yeah that’s my summary of my new story


It sounds really cool! Wow! Who will I be?


:clap: :clap: GweTV, at your service


Idk but I’ll work it out somehow.


Hello! How are you? I need a good meme from the meme critic!


Okay! Let me know when you do!


Have you seen my memes on @Hopscotcher’s get?


Ah no, let me see if I can find them now!


A good meme eh?
I will tell you to stay away from really memes, like 2010 and before