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Okay! Have you watched Vampire Diaries? It’s really good so far! I am on the last episode of season 1!


Wait everyone if CoM is on she’s feeling ignored


I know exactly what you mean! It’s really creepy!


Come talk to us! Are you feeling better now??


Where did you get that from
Kinda yeah tho


My head is really dizzy oof


Oof good luck fren! Have you tried having a glass of hot water? With a little lemon? It helps me normally!


I hope your feeling okay now!


I’ll try that, wow, thanks!


Hi @Silverdolphin
What’s up?


That’s okay! Just sit down while you drink it!


Maybe try ginger ale (or something fizzy) and lying down. Also drink plenty of fluids.


I’m getting tea
Lol yay


Nothing much, I am going to sleep soon. What about you?


Good. Just bored as usual.


Tea is always really nice! What kind?


Isn’t it like 2am where you live?


Good advice Tankt!!!


Chamomile tea,
It tastes good with sugar lol


Nope 11:56 pm. Haha!