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Hmm ok then



Or you can be the awesome mum!


I see myself as someone who will be That Awesome Mum™


If I say yes, will you stop calling me old?

But did she really? :stuck_out_tongue:

I got up at 7am. I was talking about when I initially got up.

I need a day off…

I don’t know. My school hours are 9am-3:18pm

I’m in Year 10. One of the youngest.


Okay! Fine! Now say yes!


Lol I can too!!!


@Silverdolphin continue this for us



Welcome @Milliefan011!


Brb period 1 is ending


Okay! Done!


Ah okay, goodnight!!


And oof your school hours are looooong


Welcome to the forum @Milliefan011! I think the other people covered some stuff, but tag me at @FobieFuwa if you need help.


Yep they are very long indeed!


@Silverdolphin you on?


Haha yep! How is it going?


Good. @cheeseperson did you leave HS for good?


Got to go sleep. Byyeee :slightly_smiling_face: zzzzzzz


Okay! Goodnight, have a good sleep!


HAIIIII! Diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa