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The properties of the periodic table >:D

This is getting interesting


Now that is interesting and fun!


Why do you get to start school later than me ;-;


I think he just started school now…

What year are you in?


Well in Australia, school starts at the beginning of the year, and you start Kindergarten when you’re 5 (you’ll turn six before you go to Year 1)

Depending on the school, you’re allowed to go up a year if your birthday is in Jan - May

My birthday is in July, and I’m 14, so I’m in Year 9


Ah okay! I am currently in Year 8 here!


Ooh could you please explain your school system?



So school starts in September, and the oldest people are born in September, and the youngest in August. So currently I am in year 8, and I am one of the oldest in my year! I am born in September 2005!



I’m one of the middle children :>


Wow you’re older than me


Ah cool! What would I be there?


sO yoUNg

@Jojo you’re the grandpa in this topic


In Australia, you’d be one of the middle children in Year 8


I’m kind of a medium age I guess?


So I would be among the younger bunch? Okay!


Yep but also the cool grandma!


Well there’s actually a lot of people who bring their children up a grade, so you get a lot of people in your year born in the year below you




No he would be

You can be the cool mum?


Oh awesome!!!