Silver_girl topic!



So here is where I talk about things so there could be more space for other people.

Today's topic:
What game should I make next
I've been thinking and I can't figure it out so I'm going to do a poll [details=credit talk]I will give credit to everyone I will say credit to the forum or type your name[/details


  • -game ( tell me what game plz)
  • - book
  • - trail art
  • other


Votes are public.


Wrong tag list :wink:

Next time use the Official Mass Tag List on the Official Mass Tagging topic made by @PopTart0219 please.


Can you show me the link


Sure! Here you go,




I understand that you made a mistake with the first one, but I'm not sure people will like being tagged twice. :wink:


The last one means other


Make a book! That would be really cool!:wink: