Silliest request ever! Is this a glitch?



What did you press before the popup?


The hopscotch team project
My wifi is fine, and I liked others right before and after that happened


I got that thing too


Thats happened to me a lot before


That happens to me alot since the update came out :D


That happen to mah
And I'm alright with it XD
Probs cause internet connection isn't stronh


This happen to me sonce the update


Probably you could emails THT


Or just tag them?

10th Post!


That's happened to me loads, I just close the app and try again!


oh it's just the glitch after the update @Liza @Rodrigo are you going to be able to solve this problem ???? :D just wondering


Try emailing That will give you an instant answer, or just wait for Liza to respond if she sees this topic.

The link is clickable, by the way. :slight_smile:


The 10th post isn't a very big achievement, is it? xD