Silent Readers And Noticing Them



So i have noticed people talking about silent reader


What are they and how do you notice them?

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Um, I was just guessing... Soz?


I suppose silent readers are people who read the topics but don't post in them, but I don't know how to find them...




I'm not very familiar with the silent reader term...

But my guess is someone that doesn't like or post anything, but instead reads the topic.
If ^ this ^ is what it means, there's no way to confirm which topic, or what they're reading. That basically means that you can't notice or spot them, and you can't confirm which topic is the one that they're reading, even if they were seen just now.

Another guess, is someone that just likes things and doesn't post. :D
If ^ this ^ is the correct definition of silent reader, then you can spot them by getting like notifications, looking at who liked a post, and likes suddenly increasing.


oh i see Thanks @EggsOnSaturn1 and @SmilingSnowflakes


You used to be a silent reader! :D


I think I posted the minute I made my account xD


I didn't post until 3 months after I made my account. XD

That's... A large time difference... O_o


Same! I joined the forum and I was so hyped, I started posting right away.


I think I am pretty much a silent reader now, I like to browse "New" and like topics. I still will comment, but I won't comment on every topic.


Oh now i understand a lot more! Thanks @Rawrbear @Anonymous @AwesomeJediE


I do sometimes just look at topics.


@SmilingSnowflakes o_o


Well I sorta was as I made my account on 31 December at night time and read lots of posts then
I didn't actually reply to anyone until 1 January :smiling_imp:


I did... I don't understand why people wouldn't XD


I was one for four months, I made mine in August but didn't start posting until December.... Very long time.


I can sometimes be a silent reader, but only when I feel that I have nothing to add to that topic.


Even if I don't post...

I'm there.



Look for likes from them!

I sometimes am a silent reader.